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Gun control hysteria grips California legislatures

27 Jun

en years ago last April, two students at Columbine High School in Colorado opened fire on their fellow students, killing 12 students, a teacher, and injuring 21 others, before eventually taking their own lives. This tragic event should be properly mourned, but recent actions being taken here by our legislature is the wrong response.

Assemblyman Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) is supporting a bill that requires people who sell handgun ammunition to be licensed. It would also require sellers to conduct business face-to-face, band Internet or mail order sales, and require a thumbprint and other identifying information of people who buy ammunition.

De Leon has said that this legislation would close “dangerous loopholes” in current California law.

The gun-control nuts in Sacramento are on the prowl again, and what better time is there to add more and more firearm restrictions to law-abiding private citizens than near the anniversary of a school shooting? After all, as Obama’s Thug White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Gun-control hysteria always creeps its fear-mongering head into state legislatures, street protests, and even into the office of His Highness, warning the serfs about the danger we pose to society with those evil and dangerous guns in our hands. After all, there are nearly 30,000 deaths a year from handguns.

A regrettable number, indeed, and a number that is consistently preyed upon by the media to highlight the supposed dangers of guns. But what the Statist News does not point out is that a minimum of 500,000 crimes a year are prevented by the use of a handgun, often without firing a shot. These stories are hardly, if ever, reported in the news, and people who defend themselves often do not report it, for the perfectly legitimate fear of being punished for violating some tiny federal or state regulation.

I can almost guarantee that you won’t hear about what happened in Georgia last Monday in any of the mainstream news. A group of college students were having a party at their house when two armed and masked men entered the room and separated the men and women. As the intruders were about to rape one of the girls, one of the guys grabbed his handgun from his backpack, shot and killed one of the intruders as the other got away, single-handedly saving all of their lives and preventing any of the girls from being raped.

In another similar story, again in Georgia, a law student from Mercer University was sitting on the couch with his girlfriend when he heard someone kick in the front door. He ran upstairs, grabbed his shotgun, and killed the drunken intruder, who had condoms in his pocket, probably with the intention to rape the girl who he thought was alone at the time.

It is stories like these, and hundreds of thousands of similar ones a year, that display the benefits of private firearm use, despite the media and the government’s attempt to portray guns as harmful and dangerous. Ya, guns may be dangerous, but what’s more dangerous is not having them.

Gun control proponents use the same logic as drug war advocates: if we ban them, nobody will have access to them and everyone will be peaceful and safe trusting their occupation force police force to “protect them.” Everyone knows that since drugs are illegal, nobody can get them right?

When it comes to gun control, California (and the rest of the country) should heed the wise of words of Gandhi, a professed gun nut:

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of  arms as the blackest.”