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We should applaud, not threaten, the Iranians

27 Jun

he Pharaoh was on television today discussing the controversy of the Iranian election, telling us that the U.S. will not “meddle” and will walk a cautious line. This is a wise choice, but actions speak louder than words. Of course the U.S. is meddling, like it always does, and Obama’s cautious line is quickly becoming a tightrope.

There is an ongoing covert program being waged by the U.S. in Iran, reported by Seymour Hersch, which was started by the Bush Administration with $400 million dollars of funding. Justin Raimondo explains:

The U.S. is, in effect, conducting a secret war against Tehran, a covert campaign aimed at recruiting Iran’s ethnic and religious minorities – who make up the majority of the population in certain regions, such as in the southeast borderlands near Pakistan – into a movement to topple the government in Tehran, or, at least, to create so much instability that U.S. intervention to ‘keep order’ in the region is justified. Given recent events in Iran – a suicide bombing in the southeast province of Sistan-Baluchistan and at least two other incidents – the effort is apparently ongoing.

Has Obama shut this program down? Not in the least bit, which is why his excellent Cairo speech and olive branch to Iran is being seen with a skeptical eye by the Arab world, and the Persian leadership especially. Can you imagine what Washington’s response would be to an Iranian funded covert program inside our borders? Tehran would quickly be under a mushroom cloud, which is what the U.S. has been wanting for years now anyway.

The U.S. has been meddling in Iran for over 50 years, beginning in 1953 when a U.S.-backed coup ousted the democratically-elected Mohammed Mosaddeq and placed the Shah in power (and with it came the Shah’s brutal secret police and theocratic rule). The Iranians, contrary to the popular belief that all Muslims are evil, backwards, and ready to strap dynamite to their chests at any second, have been thirsting for democracy, but have been consistently stifled by the U.S.-supported theo-thugs.

If it weren’t for American saber rattling and constant threats towards Iran, it is very likely that the seeds of liberalism and democracy would be further sown in the Persian Gulf. It’s impossible to tell, of course, but it is obvious that Washington is rooting for the far-right Ahmadinejad (the Heritage Foundation’s Daniel Pipes is openly supporting him). Ahmadinejad can be counted on to make loony comments about Jews and the Holocaust and the U.S. media, who are just unpaid Pentagon mouthpieces and employees, can continue to portray the Iranians as some sort of “threat.”

Sadly, it would be the Iranian people who would bear the costs of a good, ol’ fashioned American bombing, not the Iranian leaders. Iran’s population is disproportionately young, liberal, and open to negotiations with the U.S., and their voice needs to be desperately heard. The U.S. media, in their growing irrelevance, can’t even keep up with the coverage that Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr provide. While our media covers the gripping drama of Obama’s puppy,, decentralized and private media is providing us with what is really going on in the streets of Tehran (beatings, intimidations, etc.).

The young Iranians are sick of living under the iron fist of their government, and they are attempting to gain their freedoms by protesting and organizing. This is the genesis of true political liberty, gaining it independently; not from some arrogant, you’ll-thank-us-later “liberation” by American bombs.

The Obama Administration’s aggressive stance towards Iran can lead to no good results, especially if Hillary the Hawk gets her way. Obama’s Secretary of State told ABC’s “This Week” that the Administration is considering a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Think Tehran’s streets are messy now? Wait until million-dollar U.S. cruise missiles start landing there.

The U.S. should reach its hand out diplomatically to Iran, end the crippling and starving sanctions, and stop trying to foment an excuse to unleash the war machine on Persian civilians.