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The liberal war on free speech

27 Jun

The political murder of a DC Holocaust Museum security guard last week is barely a week old, but it is being used to justify an even bigger police state. There have already been calls from liberals for a re-examination of Homeland Security head Big Sister Napolitano’s “right-wing domestic terrorists” memo, which includes increased spying and preventive detention; the biggest political witch-hunt since Sen. Joe McCarthy had Americans convinced that there was a Commie under every bed.

The calls for vast restrictions on speech and liberty are coming from all over the mainstream media, from The New Republic to Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann’s rant is definitely the worst I’ve seen, and he even finds a way to tie every Statists’ villain, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), into it. Olbermann argues that some ex-volunteer from two years ago is the girlfriend of a guy who supposedly knows the murder; gossip more than analysis.

These types of attacks, as well as the smear of Ron Paul at The New Republic, reveal the true colors of the Left once they are in power. Both Olbermann and The New Republic, as well as many others on the Left, were very good critics of Bush’s wars and abuses of powers. But now that these same powers are in friendly hands they are salivating at the thought of purging any opposition.

These liberal Statists like to smear anyone who opposes the American government as it exists today: its predatory domestic redistribution of wealth, its murderous offensive wars, its counterfeiting central bank, and its counterproductive war on drugs. The Left correctly criticized the Bush Regime for these crimes, but now they are far too busy fanning the Pharaoh and lashing out His opponents to see the same crimes being sanctioned and expanded.

Where is the supposed “anti-war” Left? Shamefully silent. When a Republican was slaughtering Iraqis and Afghans, it was bad. But when a Democrat is not only continuing but also expanding our desert killing-fields, there is not a peep of doubt or criticism of the god-king. I was always suspicious that the Left was not really anti-war, just anti-Bush.

Eight years of Bush’s fascistas running the globe and pillaging the Treasury made Americans sick, and they voted for change. Obama’s fascistas are now…running the globe and pillaging the Treasury. The Left’s response? Print up more and more of those stomach-churning shirts and signs with Obama’s messianic face on it.

We had a chance to elect someone who offered real change, but Ron Paul was viciously attacked by Democrats and Republicans for believing in the American heresies of peace, individual liberty, and free markets. Obama obviously sees him and his supporters as threats, spoken in clear English in a Missouri report that told “law enforcement” to be suspicious of cars with Ron Paul bumper stickers. Seriously. They’re also on the lookout for pro-secessionists and pro-constitution groups and associations.

Obama, with liberal compliance, is looting the private sector and throwing us the crumbs, bombing civilians in the Middle East, and then using the KGB FBI to silence anyone who opposes.