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US selling arms to both sides of Somali conflict

12 Aug

Despite the fact that a huge majority of Americans oppose the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, these wars continue to rage on under our new emperor’s watch. It is imperative that these adventures in imperial ignorance and arrogance end immediately, but it’s the US Empire’s smaller and less visible war-making that also needs to be exposed and opposed.

The US is pretty busy in the poverty stricken African continent. Since January, Congolese militias have been receiving US guns and money as they raze and rape their way across the country. Now the State Department is informing us that it has provided hearly 40 tons of arms to the Somali government to combat the al-Shabaab insurgency, and Hillary Clinton is promising 80 tons more.

What exactly is being accomplished by this massive transfer of arms? Well, Somali forces bring these guns to market, sell them to traders, who then sell them right to the insurgency at a nice little profit. With all these middle-man markups, it might just be cheaper to sell them directly to the insurgency.

Somalia is a country torn apart by civil war, and was further destabilized by the US-supported Ethiopian invasion in 2006. Poor, hungry, and desperate, Somalis have continuously turned to piracy to feed their families and avoid the constant threat of rivaling militias.

The US response to this increase in piracy has been numbingly typical: threats, threats, and more threats. Talks of imposing sanctions has significant popularity in the Pentagon, and even discussions of a possible invasion of tiny nearby Eritrea, who the US accuses of supplying the insurgents with weapons. Eritrea denies this claim, exposing the Pentagon’s mindset that military intervention in other countries is solely the job of the good and noble US government.

The US war planners refuse to see any possible repercussions in their short-sighted attempts to police and run the world. The US has a terrible habit of funding both sides of ethnic and religious conflicts, and blowback from these interventions aimed at our shores is not a matter of if, but when.


Clinton’s lecturing tour continues

8 Aug

Hillary the Hawk has been really busy lately, from threatening the Iranians with an invasion to scolding the Chinese. Her embarassing lecture tour continues, this time in Africa. The Secretary of State is urging South Africa to press the corrupt Zimbabwe regime, run by the thug Robert Mugabe, for reform:

The United States, troubled by what it sees as an absence of reform in Zimbabwe, has no plans either to offer major aid or to lift sanctions against Mugabe and some of his supporters.

Before any of that can happen, Washington wants more evidence of political, social and economic reforms, a U.S. official told Reuters before Clinton began her seven-nation trip to Africa.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, is blamed for plunging Zimbabwe into economic ruin. He argues that hyperinflation and a collapsed infrastructure* are caused by sanctions imposed by the United States and others.

It is embarassing to see Clinton circumventing around the globe, lecturing other countries like a schoolteacher. Yes, Zimbabwe is corrupt and Mugabe is a mass-murdering thug, but so are about 80% of the countries in the world, so it looks like Clinton’s got a long list of regimes to scold.

This foreign meddling is not only an example of American arrogance, but hyprocritical as well. Before the US publicly criticizes other nations for their faults, how about taking a good, hard look in the mirror?

The US has massive inflation, collapsing infrastructure, a military regime that occupies every continent, trillions in debt, and a government that robs half of Americans’ wealth every year.

After Clinton said the North Koreans were acting “like unruly children,” they must be laughing as well. It is a major relief to see our journalist home and safe, but they were actually tried, convicted, and sentenced. Can we say the same for the 600 detainees at Gitmo? Or the hundreds at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan? Or the millions rotting away in government cages for drug “crimes?”

I’d like to see the US for once, just once, mind its own business and stop chastising other countries for the exact same things that happen here.

Clinton threatens Iran…again

8 Aug

Even though the US is currently occupying Iraq, pummeling Afghanistan from the air, and using soulless drones to fire missiles indiscriminately into Pakistan, the Obama Administration and the hawks in his cabinet are looking for another war drum to beat. In an address to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, Secretary of War Hillary Clinton declared that the US will not hesitate to pre-emptively attack Iran:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Wednesday gave Iran an ultimatum to accept the administration’s offer for engagement and join the international community or to ‘continue down a path of further isolation.’ She urged Arab states to take immediate steps to improve their ties with Israel in order to bolster Mideast peace hopes.

In a wide-ranging policy address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton pledged that the U.S. will ‘not hesitate to defend our friends, our interests, and above all, our people vigorously and when necessary with the world’s strongest military.’

Near the beginning of Obama’s presidency, there were signs that his administration was taking a more diplomatic and dovish approach towards the Middle East.  He and Clinton even said that Israel needs to give up its settlements programs in its occupied territories, settlements that are not only immoral, but also illegal in nearly any resemblance of international law. Last month, however, Clinton stated that Iran risked a US attack, citing (of all things) the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Obama did the right thing when he refused to publicly take sides in the Iranian election, but the bellicosity roaring from Obama’s White House can only lead to an unnecessary confrontation where Iranian cities would likely be left in ashes.

The Obama Administration’s about-face on Iran is typical of the War Party in Washington: bipartisan, bloodthirsty, and belligerent. Obama’s cabinet is following the same hawkish mistakes as his predecessor by continuing to demand that Iran dismantle its civilian nuclear energy generation program.

Despite what the Washington war planners constantly repeat, Iran is not an “existential threat” to the US or to Israel. Ever since Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech seven years ago that listed Iran as a “rogue state,” the Persians have been demonized by the US media, the neocons, and the Israelis.

Iran hasn’t gone to war in the last 50 years except to defend itself from an Iraqi invasion in the 1980s in which the US sold chemical weapons to Saddam and his thugs. The US has consistently waged war for almost 60 years, has nearly 150,000 troops surrounding Iran, patrols the Persian Gulf with warships, and has thousands of WMDs. Israel has been slaughtering its neighbors for over 60 years, violates international law with fervor, and has hundreds of WMDs.

Secretary Clinton, who exactly are the “rogue states” here?