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More fear-mongering from the GOP

27 Jun

ust when you thought that the Republicans were dead, they have resurfaced, and they’re taking the kid gloves off. In their predictable appeal to national security, they ask Americans: are we safer under President Obama?

Oh, boy. Where do I start?

The usual gems are all in there: jihadists, torture, terrorists, Chavez, terrorists, jihadists, terrorists, and some 24-like music to really hit it home!

Republicans have never been rookies with the use of fear-mongering, and in eight terrible years when they were in charge, they preyed on every fear imaginable to the American public as they waged war on the Middle East, suppressed civil liberties, stifled free speech, divided the world into good and evil, and spent us into a recession. And we’re supposed to be afraid of Obama?

The Republicans are looking for a terrorist under every bed, but the Democrats are just as bad when it comes to scaring the hell out of the American people and crushing dissent.

Remember Kosovo? I was a youngster then, but I was still old enough to see President Bill Clinton, a trailer-trash serial rapist, order the U.S. Air Force to drop tons of bombs on Serbian villages. When some Republicans objected, the Democrats labeled them as “unpatriotic” and that they weren’t “supporting the troops.” Sound familiar?

Here in San Francisco, a brilliant anti-war libertarian even ran against Nazi Nancy Pelosi because she voted for the Kosovo war (what war doesn’t Pelosi cheer and support?)

Both parties use fear-mongering to get elected and consolidate power, and when a President does his mandatory ritual and decides to bomb something, anything, the opposing party objects. Bush’s war on Iraq was criticized by the Left, but where were they when Clinton was launching cruise missiles into Baghdad and starving nearly a million Iraqi civilians with crippling sanctions?

No, I am not afraid of terrorists, and no amount of Orwellian lies spewing from the Imperial City will persuade me otherwise. I am, however, afraid of my own government, the largest, cruelest, most intrusive, and most dangerous government the world has ever known.

Whether it’s “Islamofascism” (a stupid phrase if I’ve ever heard one) from the Republicans or the threat of “global warming” from the Democrats, I simply heed the words of perhaps America’s greatest essayist, H.L. Mencken:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”