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“Landmark” climate change bill passes House

27 Jun

The House of Hyenas just passed the over 1,200 page rip-off bill, and Obama couldn’t be happier. The Pharoah is hailing this legislation as a “landmark” step in the fight against “climate change.” This bill is a landmark, all right, it is the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. Obama claimed he wanted to emulate Lincoln the Centralizer and the Fascist FDR, and he is doing quite well at this “accomplishment.”* Lincoln gave us the first income tax and paper money, and FDR raised taxes so he could soak his campaign contributors with public money and carpet-bomb foreigners.

Has Congress become just a sad and pathetic clone of the late Roman Senate, rubber-stamping whatever the Emperor’s divine hand touches?

*Why do American President always feel like they have to “accomplish” something. Anytime they attempt to do this, they rob the private sector of its wealth, invade our privacy, and draft our men. We should have a President that plays more golf, takes more vacations, and minds his own business.