Robert Taylor is a music lover, whiskey drinker, eccentric, contrarian, insomniac, cynic, son, and brother. He spends his time working, writing, studying, daydreaming, reading Yeats, pounding away on a typewriter, struggling to see from long distances, lighting American Spirits, and screaming at the TV.

Born and raised in a small town in the middle of California, he went to math competitions, tried to kiss many girls, got in some minor trouble, and watched endless Three Stooges re-runs. He lives in San Francisco overlooking the beautiful Golden Gate Park.

Viewing the political world with a combination of Nietzschean skepticism and Menckenesque satire, he is convinced that society needs no rulers, kings, gods, or tax collectors, and that everything that is good and decent about the world is the product of voluntary and private associations.

He believes in individual liberty, peace, free markets, and the therapeutic power of a Replacements’ song.

Please check out his bi-weekly column at “Dream Not Of Today” and his Examiner blog.


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