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Swine flu panic reveals flaws in government healthcare

27 Jun

As the swine flu “epidemic” crawls its way across North America, the Center for Disease Control is now setting up “action teams” that will kick in whenever it is supposedly needed, and the governments of U.S. and Mexico, as well as numerous U.S. states, are working together to stop the spread of the virus.

But first, we have to ask: Does the spread of this virus constitute an emergency? And if so, can the government save us from it?

Before answering these questions, we have to go back to 1918. During the fall and winter of those years, an estimated 500,000 Americans (and 50 million wordwide) died of Spanish Influenza (that would be about 1.4 million Americans today, and 200 million worldwide). Unfortunately, this coincided with the end of WW1, and thousands of U.S. troops (many of them already sick from it) were sent home from Europe on crowded ships, and sent back to their families and communities. The government at the time was also sponsoring large rallies to get people to buy empire war bonds, where people would be infecting others and the crowding did the rest.

In 1975-1976, the government said that a possible “swine flu epidemic” was possible, and that immediate action was necessary. President Ford, in an attempt to be relevant, made a public call for mass vaccination (with tax-payer money, of course). The CDC convinced Ford, Congress, and the American public that an epidemic like the one in 1918 was inevitable, and Ford called for every American to receive flu shots.

The result: not only did the swine flu pandemic not occur, but the vaccine itself proved to be worse than the disease, and thousands of people who were given flu shots had serious side effects (especially American soldiers stationed overseas, who were the first ones given the shots. But our government would never mistreat or neglect its soldiers, would it?)

Over 30 years later, the government is still trying to impose mass inoculation on the American public. These shots may prevent a few people from getting the flu, but it has also resulted in unnecessary deaths and illnesses as people’s immune systems react negatively to the vaccines, and people standing in long lines and crowds contract the flu from others.

Don’t get me wrong; the influenza virus is nothing to scoff at, since it kills nearly 500,000 people worldwide every year, mostly infants and the elderly. A couple dozen people bringing a strain of the flu virus up north is a drop in the bucket compared to other health problems that afflict us. A panic, however, is what the government wants, and it is salivating at the thought of imposing its will, control, and authority over us serfs in the name of “protecting” us (as White House Chief of Staff Rahm “IDF” Emmanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist, so bluntly put it: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste ”).

In answering the question posed earlier, I have to say no, and hell no. The U.S. government’s track record on infectious diseases has been counterproductive, reckless, and a threat to public safety. The U.S. government has even sponsored germ warfare, where it introduced African swine fever into Cuba in 1971 in attempt to bolster anti-Castro groups, and six weeks later 500,000 infected pigs had to be killed.

God help us (and our immune systems) if our government, in the name of “public health,” continues on its fear-mongering, power-grabbing path.