Majority of American oppose empire?

8 Aug

Finally, Americans are getting restless. According to a recent poll, an increasingly large majority of Americans oppose both the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The costs of spreading democracy at gunpoint are starting to be felt by the American public, who are getting fed up with our empire draining the treasury, increasing inflation, sons, husbands, and fathers returning in body bags, and the desperate attempts by the establishment press to find any justification for continuing the desert killing fields.

As the head of DC’s Imperial Regime, Obama must be worried too. The god-king’s poll numbers are dropping, and his embarrassing gaffe over the “Stupid Cop” incident is hurting him more and more everyday. Opposition to his healthcare rationing snake oil pitch is also losing popularity even among his own party in Congress, and is even drawing threats from brave state leaders to nullify the program if it passes.

The top-heavy, bureaucratic structure of the US Empire is slowly starting to unravel. US interventionist governance, which demands that we give up our liberties and our property to run the world and our lives as they see fit, will eventually join the ash heap of history like its twin sister, the Soviet Empire.

In the 1920s, the great H.L. Mencken predicted that the American system wouldn’t last 100 more years. Bloated and centralized empires always fall, he warned, and the US is no exception.

Good riddance.


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