Clinton’s lecturing tour continues

8 Aug

Hillary the Hawk has been really busy lately, from threatening the Iranians with an invasion to scolding the Chinese. Her embarassing lecture tour continues, this time in Africa. The Secretary of State is urging South Africa to press the corrupt Zimbabwe regime, run by the thug Robert Mugabe, for reform:

The United States, troubled by what it sees as an absence of reform in Zimbabwe, has no plans either to offer major aid or to lift sanctions against Mugabe and some of his supporters.

Before any of that can happen, Washington wants more evidence of political, social and economic reforms, a U.S. official told Reuters before Clinton began her seven-nation trip to Africa.

Mugabe, in power since independence from Britain in 1980, is blamed for plunging Zimbabwe into economic ruin. He argues that hyperinflation and a collapsed infrastructure* are caused by sanctions imposed by the United States and others.

It is embarassing to see Clinton circumventing around the globe, lecturing other countries like a schoolteacher. Yes, Zimbabwe is corrupt and Mugabe is a mass-murdering thug, but so are about 80% of the countries in the world, so it looks like Clinton’s got a long list of regimes to scold.

This foreign meddling is not only an example of American arrogance, but hyprocritical as well. Before the US publicly criticizes other nations for their faults, how about taking a good, hard look in the mirror?

The US has massive inflation, collapsing infrastructure, a military regime that occupies every continent, trillions in debt, and a government that robs half of Americans’ wealth every year.

After Clinton said the North Koreans were acting “like unruly children,” they must be laughing as well. It is a major relief to see our journalist home and safe, but they were actually tried, convicted, and sentenced. Can we say the same for the 600 detainees at Gitmo? Or the hundreds at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan? Or the millions rotting away in government cages for drug “crimes?”

I’d like to see the US for once, just once, mind its own business and stop chastising other countries for the exact same things that happen here.


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