Bailouts for a Circus

8 Aug

Will there ever be an end to the bailouts? The corrupt city of Los Angeles is now giving $30 million tax payer dollars…to a circus:

A five-member committee of the Los Angeles City Council voted this morning to move ahead with a $30- million loan that would bring a decade of Cirque du Soleil performances to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Under the proposed loan agreement, TheatreDreams LA/CHI would promise to create no fewer than 858 jobs and stage the acrobatic show 368 times per year.

The city has already spent $127 million on Cirque du Soleil, and surprise, surprise, they need more money. Notice how anytime the government robs productive and free citizens to subsidize unprodutive and bloated institutions, they tell us how many jobs will be “created.” What about the real jobs that were cut in order to do this? In the government’s Bizarro World, destroying jobs means saving them.

Stephen Kinsella at the LRC blog highlights some great commentary about this fiasco:

…Uncle Sam is on the verge ofpaying the City of Los Angeles $30 million to subsidize a ten-year run of Cirque du Soleil.

So it’s finally come to pass – America has embarked on the same road down which ancient Rome marched to its ruin: Uncle Sam not only subsidizes bread (by subsidizing wheat production) but now also circuses.

Imperial America looks more and more like Imperial Rome every day.


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