The beauty of privatizing marriage

28 Jun

What an interesting weekend it was in San Francisco. The streets were flooded with Warped Tour fans and Pride Weekend supporters, who held up “legalize gay” signs and rainbow flags. Truly a beautiful sight.

It is just sad and ironic that in “liberal” California, we have yet to see the legalization of same-sex marriage. What it boils down to is having the institution of marriage being monopolized by the State; you have to have a “licence” to get married. The government should have no business regulating the conduct of two consenting adults entering into a contract, and getting the government to recognize gay couples is not the answer. The answer lies in getting the State out of the marriage and contract business, so conservatives will no longer have the power to use the government to force their morality on us and liberals won’t have the power to meddle in private market contracts.

Marriage privatization: a truly liberal concept.


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