Obama’s ‘transparency’ myth

28 Jun

Obama, who promised Americans a more open and “transparent” government than the previous eight years of lawlessness, has continuously proven that he is openly embracing this same corruption. First, it was his “preventive detention” reversal, where he promised to continue Bush’s defacto suspension of habeas corpus. Then it was the suppression of the most recent Abu Ghraib torture photos (which showed U.S. soldiers beating, torturing, and raping Arab captives). According to The Washington Post (thanks to the indispensable Glenn Greenwald), Obama is now planning an executive order that would “reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely,” which could also stall his supposed plans to close the U.S. Gulag at Guantanamo Bay. The article actually favorably quotes two former Bush national security officials who argued the merits of similar proposals when Bush was in office.

The “detainees” that this order would apply to would be subject to an “annual presidential review,” meaning that every year, the Pharaoh alone will decide whether or not the captured prisoners will continue to rot away in government cages without trials for another year.

This is astonishing. Obama would have the power to lock up anyone that he wants at his own discretion, without trial or without any resemblance of constitutional rights, and then throw away the key. This is all being justified by the so-called “war on terror,”  a war that by definition has no end and which the U.S. cannot conceivably win. Well, there are some winners (defense contractors and lobbyists), but the losers, which include our dead and maimed soldiers, our civil liberties, our currency and economy, constitutional government, and hundreds of thousands of Arab civilians, far outnumber them.

The irony of Obama’s election is that previous critics of the Bush Regime have jumped on Obama’s sinking ship of mimicry. There are a few Bush critics who are critical of Obama, like the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights, but one can search in vain trying to find the mainstream Left saying a harsh word about the God-King. He’s their guy after all, and criticism is counterproductive to Obama’s efforts to nationalize every industry he can get his filthy hands on and pass the largest tax increase in U.S. history. Who cares about egregious constitutional violations now that Bush is out office?

Obama’s arrogance is worse than the Bush Junta’s, and that’s pretty hard to top. During Obama’s sickeningly ironic speech on civil liberties last month justifying these “preventive detentions,” he received a rounding applause as he stood in front of the U.S. Constitution at the National Archives. Never in the short history of this country have corruption, secrecy, and war mongering been so supported, defended, and worshipped by so many. Queen Amidala, who witnessed her republic crumble in front of her very eyes, summed it up best: “…so this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause…”

Bush and Cheney were pretty upfront that they would act however the hell they wanted, Constitution be damned; Bush was “The Decider.” As Digby correctly notes, Obama and his thugs believe they have this same right to shred the Constitution, and the more his faux-charm and faux-eloquence continue to dazzle the embarrassing establishment media, he’ll be able to get away with anything.

American are fooled every four years into thinking that we have a say in the electoral process, but every four (or eight) years we choose a Republican Caesar or a Democrat Caesar, an elected dictator. Monarchs and emperors of the past liked to fashion narcissistic grandiose titles for themselves, and we should start applying this same rule to the current occupier of the Imperial Throne, Barackuss Obamus. Or better yet, Bush II.

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