The drug war comes to San Francisco

27 Jun

When President Obama pledged to stop federal raids on medical marijuana facilities throughout the country, it was a breath of fresh air. Finally, I thought, an American president will slowly chip away at the failed and criminal Drug War that the Federal Gunvernment has been waging since at least 1971.

My optimism was stalled by the news that the DEA (the Drug Enforcement Agency) had raided Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic at 1597 Howard St. in San Francisco’s South of Market district in the middle of the day, justified by (of course) financial improprieties. There were minor, but encouraging, protests outside the building, but the deafness of San Francisco’s elected “leaders” is despicable.

San Francisco, supposedly one of the more liberal and progressive cities in the Union, showed no backbone when federal agents violated our laws, our sovereignty, localism, and basic human decency. Mayor Gavin Newsom, a slick-talking politician if there ever was one, is too busy traveling and eyeing the Governor’s seat to stand up for San Francisco and her needy citizens.

This small, barely covered story is but a drop in the bucket in the history of the Drug War. As a libertarian, I believe that anyone should be able to ingest any substance into their body, so long as they don’t harm the rights of anyone else while doing so; live and let live. Even if marijuana were harmful, which it isn’t, I would still be an advocate of its legalization, based on the fair and moral principle of not punishing “victimless crimes.” In 2007 alone, the FBI arrested 872,000 American citizens for marijuana “violations” (see here and here). Former Drug Czar John Walters claims, however, that Americans don’t get arrested for marijuana use:

The fact is today, people don’t go to jail for the possession of marijuana,” Walters alleged on C-Span. “Finding somebody in jail or prison for possession of marijuana is like finding a unicorn. It doesn’t exist.

872,000 Americans? That’s a lot of unicorns.

This is why I am not impressed by President Obama’s recent visit to Mexico to “stop the flow of drugs and guns” into the U.S. from Mexico. Obama The Schizophrenic, who promises things on one hand while crossing the other behind his back, has absolutely no grasp of how to solve U.S./Mexico’s bloody, drug-ridden border. After all, they’re not sneaking in alcohol or cigarettes, only substances that the U.S. Gunvernment labels as “dangerous.” How insulting.

Here’s a solution: decriminalize all illegal drugs; yes, all of them. The Mexican drug cartels, and the U.S. Gunvernment, might not like it, but it would be the first step in a sane drug policy where people aren’t sent to rot in prison for hurting only themselves.

Mayor Newsom may not care about San Francisco’s civil liberties, but if he becomes Governor of California, it would be the perfect time to elect a mayor who will defy the Federal Gestapo and stand up for personal liberty.


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