Persia in the crosshairs: will the U.S. attack Iran?

27 Jun

Ever since the end of World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany at the hands of the Allies, the U.S. government and its media allies have been consistently warning about “new Hitlers” that must be defeated and must not be “appeased.” In the 1990s it was Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, then it was Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and now the U.S. and Israel are warning about the supposed threat from Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres has recently stated that Iran, and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is an imminent threat to Israel as well as to the U.S. The world has “no choice” but to compare the threat posed by Iran now to that of Nazi Germany before the Second World War, President Shimon Peres told President Obama in Washington on Tuesday:

“Iran is a threat not just to Israel, but to the whole world. As Jews, after being subjected to the Holocaust, we cannot close our eyes in light of the grave danger emerging from Iran,” Peres said.

“If Europe had dealt seriously with Hitler at that time, the terrible Holocaust and the loss of millions of people could have been avoided. We can’t help but make the comparison.”

The neoconservatives in the previous Bush Regime, and the nauseating right-wing talk show hosts and “pundits” have all been demanding Iranian blood be spilled for years now. Not to be outdone, the hawks in the Obama Regime have been eyeing the Persian “Nazis,” and of course, the U.S. must “do something” about this “little Hitler.”

Ever since Bush’s 2002 speech, where he labeled Iran (as well as Iraq and North Korea) part of the “Axis Of Evil,” Iran has been in the Imperial City’s crosshairs. President Obama, who campaigned with a less hawkish approach to Iran, has quickly switched positions, and with the help of his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is quietly beating the war drums. But is Iran a threat, let alone a threat comparable to the monsters of the Nazi regime?

Iran is not a threat to U.S. national security in the least bit, since it is a third world country, and compared to the U.S. arsenal, has a small army, a small navy, and barely an air force. It has nowhere near the technology to make a nuclear weapon (only nuclear power), has complied with every IAEA weapons inspection, and for years has wanted to engage the U.S. diplomatically. And oh ya…it’s 7,000 miles away from the east coast of America’s shores. Iran is only a threat to U.S. hegemonic dominance in the Middle East, and is acting completely rationally and defensively.

Let’s turn the tables and look at ourselves through our “enemy’s” eyes, something the U.S. consistently fails to do. The U.S. has nearly 200,000 troops surrounding Iran in her neighbors Iraq and Afghanistan, has supported coups to overthrow their democratically elected leaders, gave Iran’s arch nemesis Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to use against Iran in the 1980s, and is threatening Iran with sanctions and even bombing. Who exactly is the threat to whom?

Iran, its thug of a leader, and the religious nuts who hold most of the power may be backwards and crazy, but they are no threat to the U.S., a country with thousands of nuclear weapons and the gigantic Atlantic Ocean separating us. What this “Hitlerizing” of Iran really shows is that the U.S. government needs an enemy, any enemy, to justify spending more money on its military than every other country in the world combined. Tragically, our complacent and Statist media does nothing to combat this insanity, and in fact salivates and kneels before our Roman Imperial Legion military-industrial-complex.

On “Morning Joe” this morning,  “conservative” Joe Scarborough interviewed General Petreaus, and the General was discussing how he was reading a biography of General Ulysses S. Grant, mass-murder extraordinaire. Scarborough, who obviously has a man-crush on Petreaus, then listened like a little dreamy-eyed schoolboy about how the “surge is working” and how the U.S. must stay the course in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The liberals are no better either. Remember the General Betray-Us ad? Well now that Obama is in power and is expanding Bush’s Afghanistan occupation (as well adding another front in Western Pakistan), the Left is now cheering on Petreaus’ desert killing fields.

The U.S. is bogged down in three wars in the Middle East, and is looking at adding a fourth to its plate, since the “Hitler” in Iran must be stopped! Plus, since the economy is in shambles, Obama is bragging that his new military spending will create 20,000 new (government) jobs.

We are digging hole after hole in the sands of Mesopotamia, and eventually we’re going to run out of shovels.


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