Obama’s war on the internet

27 Jun

President Obama is a busy man these days. Barely four months into office, he’s expanded Bush’s war in Afghanistan, opened up a new military front in Western Pakistan, and warns that we might have to stay in Iraq for another ten years. Now he’s looking for another war, this time against the internet.

The other day, Obama warned us against the dangers that a free and unregulated internet poses. Coincidientally, Senate bills No. 773 and 778, or the CyberSecurity Act of 2009, would give him emergency authority to halt web traffic and access private information for “national security reasons” (of course). Just the thought of O-bomber and his thugs Axelrod, Rahmy, and Holder with this kind of power runs chills up my spine. Just look at some of the things they will be allowed to do (thanks to Karl Denninger):

page 40 has some truly frightening implications, among them granting The Department of Commerce plenary authority to invade networks and access the data therein irrespective of Constitutional or legal restrictions against that action.

Finally, there is a provision within this draft allowing The President to order disconnection of any “critically important” infrastructure – but it does not define what that is, once again, granting effective plenary authority to The President to silence communications irrespective of Constitutional protections regarding Free Speech.

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of the press…” Sound familiar? That’s the heart of the 1st Amendment being trampled by the “liberal” Obama. Obama is doing well at imitating his idol Abraham Lincoln, who also waged war on the press, speech, and political opponents (our “greatest” President locked up almost 40,000 anti-war journalists without trials, arrested the mayor of Baltimore and had him taken to the Union Army’s Fort McHenry gulag, and threatened to arrest the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court).

Obama has rushed more than half-a-dozen of the most expensive and scariest bills in U.S. history through Congress at lightning speed, and since he’s already controlling GM and policing the world, the logical next step would be keeping a watchful eye on the internet. This reminds of one of the best Thomas Jefferson quotes:

I’d rather live in a country with a free press and no government, than in one with a government but no press.

A free press and no Obama? Sounds like a recurring dream of mine, where it’s 2012 and a liberty-loving doctor dismantles our empire and gives the Constitution a real defribillation.

Naturally, Obama  and Co. see the internet as a threat since the District of Corruption is obviously bankrupt on their own ideas, so they’re going straight to the heart of any opposition, under the guise of “security” (didn’t Bush tell us that our Bill of Rights could be ignored in the name of “security?”). Obama looks like he is taking cues from his awful Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who years ago urged the creation of a “gatekeeper” for the internet.

Where is Obama’s promise to “solve” the abuses our Constitution took under the iron boot of the Bush Administration? The Constitution, the greatest political middle finger to empires, Caesars, and tax collecters ever, continuees to be shredded under a President who embraces all three.

Obama’s wars are mounting up more and more casualties. In the Middle East, they are villages and cities (I’m sorry, “collateral damage”) under pummeling air strikes; in his war on the internet, our precious liberties (at least what’s left of them) are the targets.


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