Obama’s Air Force One terrorizes NYC

27 Jun

One of President Obama’s Air Force One planes soared across New York City yesterday as an F-16 fighter jet was chasing it, in an apparent political photo-op.

The White House failed to inform Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the “event,” and many New Yorkers were terrified of a repeat of the worst day in the city’s history. Instead, we are informed that the aerial display of Obama’s Imperial Air Force One was just a taxpayer-funded exercise in political vanity.

Quite an expensive display of vanity, I might add. ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper produced a March 2006 document detailing that it costs $56,518 per hour, from takeoff to landing, to fly any Air Force One jet. That puts the cost of the phot-op at $328,835.

The next day, Obama said that the incident was a “mistake” that won’t happen again. Obama has consistently shown the ability to dodge nearly every political bullet, and combined with a completely complacent and rah-rah media, is able to siphon off the blame to Louis Caldera, who has taken full responsibility for the incident.

This reminds me of a few years back, when the Abu Ghraib photos were leaked to the press and shown on 60 Minutes. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld then blamed it on “a few bad apples,” that these lower-level officials would be punished, and that orders to deliberately torture captives did not come from above. This latter part is, of course, not true, since the U.S. has been in the torture business for decades.

Louis Caldera is falling on the sword for President Obama, adding more and more evidence that Obama’s “change” is a cloak for perpetuity.

Obama’s killer-jet-narcissism is nothing new or unique. One of the most embarrassing moments in possibly all of American history was former President Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech. Stepping off of a Navy S-3B Viking killing machine, draped in military attire, (like all good dictators) he pumped his chest until it was red, white, and blue as he celebrated the “success” of the merciless bombing of a third-world country. Meanwhile, U.S. Marines were being hunted down in Baghdad, coming home in pieces and in body bags (over 30,000 of them actually, as of this writing).

A less famous jet-power display occurred in July 2006. In a stunt intended to “rally the NASCAR demographic” for the Republicans before the mid-term elections, Dick Cheney’s Air Force Two flew over Daytona International Speedway just before the Pepsi 400 stock race was about to begin. Cheney’s 757-200 buzzed over the track at about 1,000 feet, made a couple circuits around the track in a black SUV, then posed in front of a giant American flag with the 43 drivers standing behind him.

Obama’s NYC “mistake” may seem like small potatoes, but what it reveals is the dangers a powerful President poses. No man (or woman) should ever possess the amount of power the President has at his fingertips; the power to incinerate cities with air power at his own discretion, to manage the economy, to police our vices, and override the will of Congress.

Getting the “right person” elected President is not the solution, as so many Obama voters will hopefully figure out soon. It is the institution of the Presidency itself that needs to be re-examined, questioned, and even abolished.

Until Americans realize that Presidents, no matter who sits on the throne, with this much power are not bold and noble but instead act like Caesars and Napoleons, then incidences like this will only continue.


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